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Turners' Mill Macassar Ebony Guitar Fingerboard Blank (Unslotted) - 530x70x6mm

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Manufacturer: Rothko and Frost
Product Type: Guitar Fingerboard Blank (Unslotted)
Material Type: wood
Material: Macassar Ebony
Colour Group: brown
Colour and Pattern: Light Gold
Length (metres): 0.53
Length (yards): 0.58
Size (imperial): (20.9x2.76x0.24")
Size (metric): 530x70x6mm
Stated Weight: 1kg
Weight: 1kg
Surface Finish: sanded
Cutting Method: saw,mill,carving,laser
Glues With: wood glue,superglue,binding cement,epoxy,hide glue
SKU: RF8809
MPN: RF8809
EAN: 5055720171757
Country of Origin: GB